Tough Questions 00007: The Council Assembles

It’s Episode Seven. We don’t parley weekly, or monthly, or even yearly. We convene when we are needed. When there are questions that need answering. Maybe quarterly?


Tough Questions 00006: The Death of Adam Sandler

It’s Episode Six.

Tough Questions 00005: Sorry I Sent You Guys A Pregnant Dog With Huge Nipples

It’s Episode Five.

Leo’s Lil Toughies: Take A Snap Of Your Asshole, Send It To Your Best Bud

It’s a mini episode without Jake.

Tough Questions 00004: YA BOO EEEE The Dragons Call

It’s Episode Four.

Tough Questions 00003: The One Where They Solve Racism

It’s Episode Three.

Tough Questions 00002: Jolton Burpo’s Hotdog Theory

It’s Episode Two.