Channel 8

I spent more time writing this video than I have on any others since Manton and the Miracle Cure, if memory serves. And all of the best jokes in it still came from Manton and Sam’s signature riffing! Very happy with how this turned out. Probably won’t get a sequel unless the mood strikes! Will we ever find out who killed Leo???

In other news it’s been six months since I last posted, which I think is a new record. Did you miss me. I’d miss me.

There are some new dig-ins up over here, they are good to have on if you want to feel less alone. We love to laugh and also we love to have fun.

I will be seeing you very soon.


LET’S DIG IN: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 (N64)

The first of the new wave of dig-ins! We did this one before we got the HD recorder so those should be coming out soon. They look great. We still have to iron out the microphone situation a little bit but yeah whatever who cares!!!! XD!!!!


image_1360102254797005 (1)

The goys are back in town and wer’e ready to game!!!! We just did a couple new dig ins that’ll be up soon you know where. And we’ll be streaming on! So check us out there.

We just got this thing for the next batch so We’ll Be Comin’ At Ya In HD!™


This is a video we made for Channel 101 that got aired but not renewed, so we’ll never be able to finish the series and reveal the twist ending! But guess what, I was Krispy Kreme. There you go.

I’m back in school now with my regular two hour break on Wednesdays so I’ll be back to using that time to do updates probably! More Dig Ins next week! Love you guys.

Let’s Talk About Far Cry 3’s Ending

Today I wrote my first article for Game Informer’s user blogs section! I’d wanted to upload something for a while, and I was inspired by my seemingly solitary dissatisfaction with how Far Cry 3 ended. I hope to write more, it’s enjoyable taking part in the games journalism I’ve read for so many years.

Anyway, here it is!

I’ve been kicking A-S-S at uploading weekly to this website, probably because I never mentioned it or made any promises. But now that I brought it up, I think I jinxed it. So goodbye I guess.

The Floydcast Discography

HEY my brother Shane, my roommate Nick and I did a comedy podcast this past spring called the Floydcast, which lasted for just shy of ten episodes. It was a blast to do but we fell out of it. Shane eventually stopped paying for the hosting, leaving the episodes to remain cold and alone in the distant remains of the cyberverse, doomed to the hard drives of whomever had such fortune to download them.

BUT NO LONGER! I have uploaded them once more and they’re all available here for your listening pleasure.

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LET’S DIG IN: True Crime: Streets of New York (XBOX)

High quality audio once more, what a relief. Had a good time with this one, was a little bummed that it hadn’t saved my progression past the tutorial and to the more fun stuff. Maybe next time! If there is a next time! Tomorrow is guaranteed to none of us.

I get a couple emails a week about people “liking” my posts and “subscribing” to my feed??? And they either aren’t spambots or are very convincing spambots. So, I appreciate it! Or I bow down to my new robot masters. Either way, more “GR3AT CONTENT®” from LEO VADER down the line!