The Floydcast Discography

HEY my brother Shane, my roommate Nick and I did a comedy podcast this past spring called the Floydcast, which lasted for just shy of ten episodes. It was a blast to do but we fell out of it. Shane eventually stopped paying for the hosting, leaving the episodes to remain cold and alone in the distant remains of the cyberverse, doomed to the hard drives of whomever had such fortune to download them.

BUT NO LONGER! I have uploaded them once more and they’re all available here for your listening pleasure.

Episode 1: The Girl With The Saggin’ Tattoo

Ironing out the kinks! Guest Nick Assardo. We do word association! In the first and last episode. I never realized that until now.

Episode 2: I Got My Pencil

Featuring my comedy soundboard. Guest Manton Minnick. Talking shop of the bod. Mad Libs! The debut of fanfiction theater.

Episode 3: RIP Bernie Mac

I hosted this one! Guest Evan Adams-Hanson. The secret is to spend an hour beforehand writing like ten bad jokes about politics. Try it yourself at home!

Episode 4: How Ya Like Me Now

Sponsored by the hit film Ted. Spooky story time. Interview with an especially controversial Ted Nugent and a mYsTeRiOuS tWiTtEr CeLeB???

Episode 5: The Ever Blobulent Floydcast

Discussing the past and future of the Floydbox. Guest Chloe Loesch. I try to describe DJ Qualls’ The New Guy.

Episode 6: Keith Macaroni: A Journey Through Time And Space

Perhaps our highest concept show. Guest Manton Minnick. Hitting pop cans with forks to imitate mining. An exciting new character tests the friendships of our intrepid hosts.

Episode 7: Coke Bottle Dong

Listen closely for our one man studio audience. Guest Ben Cannon, interviewing about his new Nickelodeon game show. The comedy inspector weighs in on it all.

Episode 8: Sports

We try to figure out what sports are. Guest Evan Adams Hanson. Sweepstakes! Giveaways! Getting our listeners involved!

Episode 9: Nine Week Anniversary Special!!

The thrilling conclusion! Guests Manton Minnick, Carter Bellaimey and Sean Gilbertson. We bring back fan favorite bits! Word association and fanfiction theater!


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