Our deal for fiverr gigs was that you have to pay extra if you want us to film your script instead of improvising off your product/idea. He kind of laughed this video off and said “okay, I’ll order the gig extra so you do the script (;” and then the gig ended because he ordered it two weeks earlier and we suspended it so the jokes on him! That’s how we do business.

Here’s something my brother directed from a few weeks ago and it’s fantastic. A peek behind the mask: for that last scene I wanted to do it more subtly ala Se7en (huge spoilers in that link) but I started doubting I could pull it off and that’s why I just started yelling about his butt and bothering my neighbors.

I signed up for XNA Creators Club today, so I can make turds like this for Xbox Live Indie Games. That’s not actually a link to a photo of a turd, sorry if that was misleading. But really that game is so bad. That guy has made three iterations of the same game, in different cities with entirely stock 3D models. And what the trailer doesn’t tell you is that there is no collision detection (including with the ground), you don’t find vehicles; you switch through them with the d-pad (to completely static models), and planes, cars and boats all control exactly like the helicopter i.e. strafing, backing up, and changing height. Oh and there’s no gravity either. I normally wouldn’t get upset about this stuff but I saw this guy defending releasing the same game three times on the forums and it was very lame.

Another great thing about being a member of XNA is I can review and playtest indie games BEFORE they’re released! It’s a rare opportunity that I’ll surely be taking advantage of for exclusive previews soon. Maybe probly.

Hey look I made another weekly post. Not on the same day as last week but that would just make me feel too pressured to post and push me away anyway. Y’all ladies know how I get!


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