Fiverr is back on the menu!!!

And we’re serving up comedy videos for you and your first-borns!! So come on down to and order a gig from us. We’ve only been back a couple weeks but we’ve gotten plenty of orders and we’re really happy with how they turned out. Here, I’ll embed them for you!

Our first negative review! It was for a guy’s book on impressing ladies with magic tricks. He said he gets that it’s people having fun at a party but it isn’t what he asked for. We actually meant to have more magic in the video (explosions when he kicked the air) but we thought it was funnier if we kept it as it was.

Hey look it’s the same party as the wizard video. There’s a neat little easter egg for you to brag to your dumb friends about. God I can’t stand your friends. They’re such bad influences, I really wish you’d come with me to church

This video was meant to take place at the same party as the first two as well, buuuuuuut it doesn’t. I like this video a lot, I like the way the camerawork turned out. And the recurring theme of someone leaning in with an instrument and zooming at an angle. It’s the Leo Vader Seal of Comedy.

It might not be clear why Nick exclaims “epic bacon” in this video. And it’s certainly open to interpretation. My personal belief is that he is almost speaking for all men, who long to dedicate a day to bacon while their wives can do nothing but look on and weep. Maybe you shouldn’t have married him then you dingbat. Feel free to discuss it on our forums.

This guy spelled it DOUGHOUSE.COM in the message he sent us, so we didn’t even have to write this one. Oh, and you know that boy on the phone in the kitchen? IT WAS ACTUALLY A GIRL

This one’s for all you moms and dads! You know you’ve got a kid who acts like this sometimes. And it’s like, cut it out! We’re gonna be late for church! Am I right? Seriously, am I? I’m right, aren’t I? Please email me if I’m right. Shouts out to Shane Vader for writing my jokes for me.

And this one! It came out almost exactly as I had hoped, the closest to perfect since our Macabre Theatre video. Not that they’re perfect, just exactly as we had imagined. We’re all about imagineering at fatbaby. And funtertainment. And smooching each other.

WHAT AN AMOUNT OF VIDS! I might try to do one of these once a week, with other stuff I’m doing as well. There, I set a reminder on my phone. Check in next Wednesday and you will get a super special prize: Another Post From Me Maybe


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  1. I think the forums ink is broken.

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