Brak Obama.



I had this all planned out, and then Sam Snow just HAD to comment with this idea like he came up with it! I guess he did it, but I did too beforehand and didn’t tell him. Really. Not to be a dick or anything. I kinda rushed through this for that reason, but I think it turned out alright.

I like psychological horror stuff. I might start writing that kind of thing, like as a short story. But only if I think of something really good. I like creative writing, and I’m taking a class on it next semester, but I’ve been a little behind on it recently. And I doubt people will take my horror stuff seriously if I normally post crap like Brak Obama.

It may seem like I keep getting bored of stuff and moving on to other things, from writing to sketches to movies and so on. But that is not the case, honest. I’m still reading a bunch on iphone programming and Anders’ Game 2 is nearing completion. The only thing I’ve really given up is making cartoons in flash. And games. I really don’t want to do that anymore. It’s nice to know how, but it’s too much work with too little payoff.

I get a lot of views whenever I post something new, but very few comments! Validate my efforts?


One response to “Brak Obama.

  1. Effort validated.

    Does not compute!

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