The Eraser.

Everybody makes mistakes. That’s why pencils have an eraser on the end…


Woot scanners! A bit got cut off though.

These are some drawings of my very favorite comic book character from my very favorite comic book collection, Bizarro Comics! In particular, Who Erased the Eraser?, written by Eddie Campbell and drawn by Hunt Emerson. However, the first and only other time the Eraser appeared was in Batman #188, which was probably one of the worst comic books I’ve ever read. You have to check it out.

I didn’t trace these, as you can probably tell. I’m trying to ease out of that. I like the look of it, but it’s too easy. I used the comic as a reference, though. Like I said, eeeease.

I really want to change up my drawing style more. Make it sharper, more straight lines. I’ll be working on it, of that we can be sure.

Consider this the launch of, season two! Look forward to many, many updates.

Or don’t.


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