Happy OctoMac Day!

Actually, it was yesterday. And I did indeed have quite the day.

It was 2:45 PM. I had a fourth of July party to go to at four, but I figured I’d leave early to go get the ingredients for an OctoMac, because the weather was so nice and all. For those who don’t know, an OctoMac is four Big Macs (eight all beef patties) assembled into a terrifying monster. I stopped at Gamestop on the way and bought Pocketbike Racer (a burger king game) and made my way to McDonalds. I got all four Big Macs and a medium coke without even a strange look from the cashier. When I exited the store the sun was obscured by dark gray clouds that were lightly raining on me. As I got on my bike to go to the party (it was about 3:30 now) the rain picked up to a pretty ridiculous amount. It tore my paper bag to pieces. The cardboard Big Mac boxes were all soggy, and so was my game. I stopped in a radioshack and a very nice employee double-bagged it all in plastic, which helped a lot. I biked to the Loesch house where the party was at and created the masterpiece.






I’ve created large burgers before, but always with the $1 burgers. This one cost me fifteen bucks and was totally worth it. So much special sauce.

The idea and mythology behind the OctoMac is of course credited to the Best Damn Podcast Ever.


2 responses to “Happy OctoMac Day!

  1. Whew! 15 bux, I salute your commitment.

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