Sketches for the week of February 1-7.

More sketches! I think I’ll do them one at a time. This week, anyway.


TOTALLY self-explanatory.


I was like, “I’m gonna draw a confused dude.” Then I was like, “but why is he confused?” and the rest speaks for itself.


Getting eyes to match is incredibly difficult. Don’t do it.

one liners

I like the outlines on this one. My pencil was in just the right condition. Sorry about it being rotated and stuff.


This one is by Manton. Somebody left their notebook in german, now this is on it.

… ahem.

epic fail at leo number 17584 by yaoi with pepsi

Briana drew me again! Awesome awesome awesome. Her art is HERE and you should look at all of it!

Also, although I don’t like to consider myself one to harbor negative emotions, the Jonas Brothers make my life worse.

Good night!


One response to “Sketches for the week of February 1-7.

  1. That “I’m Always Watching” shit will stay with me forever, I think.

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