Leo Classickz™: Promos

Back before I was the man of action that I am today, back when I talked the talk but never dared to walk the walk, I used to throw a bunch of characters into the same .fla and slap “coming soon” onto it. Here’s a few of those.

Chubbs MCgrubb

This was one of many promos for “Chubbs Mcgrubb.” You’ll notice that they are all just variations of Chubbs’ character design, because they take so freaking long to get right. Looking back on it now, I like the name Woosa Woosa. I’ll try to use that name more.

Chubbs Mcgrubb Cast

This is a second try at an original cast. From left to right: Enrique (he’s a carrot), Chubbs Mcgrubb, and John, the Evil Clown. Very bizarre, but I don’t think it’s bizarre in a way that’s worth keeping.

Late Night

A spinoff from a toon that never actually existed! That’s progressive thinking. I like this concept though. Hmmm.


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