Longest break yet.

I haven’t written anything because I didn’t want to write when there was nothing to write about. But now I have something to write about and I shall do just that!

Yesterday, I went on a field trip with my German class to Stillwater. It was lots of fun. I brought my keytar. I played some requests on the bus, and when we got to Stillwater, I was like, “Panhandling!” I made a fair amount of money. I altered the lyrics to Lovin’ and 826 BAH to be a little more about me wanting money for Mike and Ikes. There was like twelve people in the crowd at one point. It was fun and cool! I made like three bucks.

Also, I decided that I don’t like Fringe. I will not be watching it anymore. ‘Tis lame.

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15 responses to “Longest break yet.

  1. I hope you credited Nick on those songs, and talked about HMB a good amount…

  2. Yes to all.

  3. Oh, also, can I get the lyrics to Lovin’?

  4. I improvise those, actually. I basically rhyme things that I am looking at with adjectives that are somehow twisted to relate to loving.

  5. Just give me something.
    “Spit a verse” as Matt from Gym Class Heroes would say.

  6. Lovin’! You never get sick!
    Lovin’! Even if you’re makin’ love to Nick (like meEE)

  7. That was beautiful.
    You’re a genius.

  8. No “Thank you.”
    Just “Yes.” ?

  9. Well, you were correct.

  10. But aren’t you grateful that I complimented you?

  11. Please. That’s like me saying, “Izzy, you’re a girl” and expecting a huge thank you.

  12. I would give you a huge thank you for that.
    At least I APPRECIATE my friends. Unlike SOMEONE we know…
    God I hate Nick. Bwahahahaha. I’m funny.

  13. I just realized I read that wrong.
    I thought it said “Izzy, you’re the girl.” so I felt really good.
    xD ftl.

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