Leo Classickz™

So I’ve gotten like 250 hits since I’ve started this site, so I should have more content! RITE?? RITE!

Here’s a classic comedy short of a crazy hilarious encounter between Leo and “Mama.”

Check this mess!

Who’s Mama? Is she related to Leo? Is she even a she? What’s wrong with her jaw? The answers to all these questions and more, never.

Also, Wacom Tablet shipped! Woo WOOO!!!!


3 responses to “Leo Classickz™

  1. i am appaled that there is no easily accesible link to the pmc podcast on this web page.

  2. Consider the situation resolved! Might want to keep working on your punctuation and spelling, though! HAH!

  3. Evocative of last night’s Heroes too, though mama’s vortex is decidedly old-school…er.

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