You were rocking out a bit too hard.

I was playing piano really loudly for about half an hour. It was fun, but I was kinda dizzy afterwards. Now I’m better though. Crisis averted.

So I want a Wacom Tablet! The exact same one I just linked to, in fact!

Like I previously said, my drawing skills aren’t really “good.” Especially when I have to draw with a mouse all the time. It’s not very easy. Or fun.

But with the unbelievable power of the Wacom Bamboo™ I’ll be able to make all my wildest dreams come true!

Last night, I spent about five hours looking at drawing tutorials on Every last one of them recommended getting a Wacom tablet. So I’ll succumb to peer pressure. Cause I’m cool. Really, guys.

Since I’m still paying off my ipod, I’m going to have to get money some other way. Then I’ll spring for the cheapest tablet (the one I linked to) and see if I like it.

Also, whenever I put in a link on here, I have to go into the html tab and switch #mce_temp_url# with the actual url title. It’s really annoying.

Lastly, I’m writing the Leo Vader theme song, and It’s coming along very nicely.



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